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AC0092  Monkey Clean Up Cosmetic Box   $11.99   Free Shipping!

A stylish little box containing cotton wool, tissue, buds to help minimize the mess and clear away all those over adventurous make over mistakes. Comes fully stocked.

Enchanted wooden box collection:

The boxes from a mysterious region of the Tatra Mountains, discovered by the 10th century poets and pronounced a fairy land of legends, miracles and natural wonders. Linden wood, feather joins and raised edge construction guarantee strength and quality, making the boxes precious heirlooms which can stay in the family for many generations. The prime finish of the interior compartment assures the proper aura for memorabilia, treasures and paraphernalia.

AC0085  Abstract Art Deco Wooden Box    $24.99   Free Shipping!


Made in Poland. 4''x4''x2.5''

AC0077  Dog Leather Like Luggage Tag     $12.99 each  Free Shipping!


    #1                             #3                    #4                    #5                        #6

Very cute dog leather like luggage tag.  Each measures around 5.5''


AC0077  Dog Leather Like Luggage Tag  Set #2   $12.99 each  Free Shipping!


shih-tzu            scottish-terrier                     bichon                yorkshire                



AC0068  Cheese Cake Wash Towel With Strawberry Magnet  $7.99  Free Shipping!

This tasteful cheese cake looks so delicious! But please don't eat it as it is actually a soft cotton wash towel! It is beautifully gift wrapped with red ribbon and the attached mini greeting card. The red delicious strawberry is a magnet.

Towel measures 13.5''x14''

AC0067 Chocolate Cup Cake Wash Towel With Cherry Magnets  $7.99  Free Shipping!

This tasteful chocolate cup cake looks so delicious! But please don't eat it as it is actually a soft cotton wash towel! It is beautifully gift wrapped with red ribbon and the attached mini greeting card. The 2 delicious cherry are magnets!

Towel measures 13.5''x14''

                      AC0065 Fish Dental Floss Holder  $14.99 each Free Shipping!


    orange                  turquoise             blue                clear               

The cutting edge in dental hygiene! Kai P. has razor-sharp teeth, and his belly harbors a lifeline for saving their human counterparts. Each comes with 1 roll of mint dental floss and packed nicely inside clear plastic with illustration card gift box.  out of stock!


AC0060 Hamburger Pizza Fries Plush Coin Purse  $7.99 each Free Shipping!


You will love these little cute fast food plush coin purse. Each purse comes with key holder. Choose from burger, pizza.

Pizza and burger measures 3.5'' 


     bread plush bag     

AC0021 Loaf Of Bread Plush Bag  $9.99    Free shipping!

If you think 1 piece of toast is not enough for your breakfast, how about a half loaf of toast? This bigger loaf of bread is extra soft and fluffy, well, maybe I add more water into it before I bake it! This cute bag can now hold your cosmetic, mirror or your precious items and the fluffy bag will protect them very well! It also has a loop on the side of the toast, if you have a string, you can attached it to the loop and carry it everywhere you want!


4.5''Lx5.5''Hx3.5''W  out of stock!

toast purse AC0010 Toaster Plush pouch  $8.75    Free shipping!

It's breakfast time again! This cute toaster will bring you smile every morning! It is actually a pouch/coin purse with zipper close on the top. It is super soft, just like freshly baked bread! It also has a loop on the side of the toast, if you have a string, you can attached it to the loop and carry it everywhere you want!

 5'' H x 4''Lx1.5''W 

hot dog plush purse PL0007 Hot Dog plush pencil/glasses case  $12.50    Free shipping!

Sale $9.99 & Free shipping!

This little hotdog is so cute! It is made of plush material and you can use it as a pencil case. Since it is so soft, it is also designed to carry glasses. It is zipped-closed and comes with a removable stripe.  


AC0053 Roll Purse Trinket Box With Austrian Crystal  $39.99  Free Shipping!

A 2" x 1" mini-purse bauble box beautifully adorned in over 250 Austrian crystals! A very elegant gift for her. Each purse comes with an elegant gold box with satin lining.

AC0048  Princess Sofa Earrings Rings Jewelry Organizer Holder $36.00   Free Shipping!


If you have many pairs of earrings and rings and don't know where to store it, this lovely sofa earrings and ring organizer will be a great help. You just simple insert the earrings into the tiny hole and the chair will hold up to 8 rings. It will definitely a great decoration for your room!



AC0042 Skull / Devil duck Bandages in Tin Box $8.50 Free Shipping!


Ouch! I know it hurts if you have cut on your body, but don't worry, with this cool monkey design bandages, you'll most likely forgot about your pain! You'll get twenty five 3''x3.75'' pieces of adhesive bandages which are packed inside a pocket tin as well as a little free toy inside! Bacon and jesus has fifteen 3''x1'' pieces.


AC0045 Pirate Skull Bath Rug Mat $19.99  Free Shipping!

sale $16.50

pirate bath mat

"Arrrgg, now here's a some bathroom decor I can get into" - John "One Eyed" Barkley, First Mate on the cleanest pirate ship on the high seas. Next time you step from the shower, plant your feet firmly on the cushiony softness of this fashionable, absorbent Pirate Bath Mat. Each mat measures 23" x 15" and the bottom is covered with a grippy material to keep it from sliding around as you dry off. 

AC0044 Pirate Skull Vinyl Shower Curtain $24.00  Free Shipping!

Sale $21.99

pirate shower curtain

You could redo a bathroom by signing up for Trading Spaces and letting your neighbors and one of their (ugh) designers decide, or just install one of our snazzy new pirate skull Vinyl Shower Curtains and watch the room transform from blah to brilliant. Each curtain is 70" x 72" and made of vinyl.


corn soap  AC0018 Cornmeal Sage Soap & Towel  $15.50        Free shipping!  

Sale $11.99 & Free shipping!


This lovely corn soap is just unique! This handmade cornmeal sage soap smells so fresh and it just make me so relax! The yellow corn is wrapped inside the green face towel and is wrapped with grass string to make it looks like a real corn. This is just a wonderful gift for everyone!


Each corn measures 8''Lx2.75''W

water lily soap AC0020 Water Lily Soap  $13.50        Free shipping!  

Sale $9.99 & Free shipping!


These water lilies soaps smell so fresh and looks so pretty. A set of 3 soaps in assorted colors are wrapped in a purple silky bag with ribbon and leaves as decoration. I can' tell how beautiful they are, why not you tell me?

                    AC0015 Cracker baby boy/girl bib  $13.50 Free shipping!  

Sale$7.99 & Free shipping!

Mum's time to eat! This is such an adorable baby boy bib! It has yummy cracker printed all over the bib and there is also a little bow-tie on the top! There are two little pockets at the bottom. This is a great gift for baby shower!  The bib is excellent made and is 100% cotton. Made in USA.




  AC0012 Ice cream stick shower sponge  $6.50    Free shipping!



Whenever you go to the shower, don't forget to bring the shower sponge with you. With this cute ice stick shower sponge, I'm sure you won't! Don't worry, you won't feel cold because they are  made with towel material! Choose from strawberry, Vanilla, and chocolate.

6.5'' x 3.5'' 


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